What I Learned From Being A Fat Kid

The Roots Of Obesity

In my experience, to make a lifestyle change, I needed to address the real cause of my health problems. I am not referring to the immediate factors like sedentary lifestyle or poor eating habits, but rather what ingrained these habits, to begin with. A powerful tool in change is discovering what causes behavior in the first place.

Challenged By Change

My journey to a healthier life was paved with mistakes, misinformation, and confusion. Through years of experimentation, I found the most effective habits and choices for me. The emphasis of this point is that they worked for me. Genetics, background, and habits vary profoundly from one individual to the next, thus the most effective methods will also vary.

-Cristin E. Kearns, DDS, MBA, Source

The overflow of information can have a paralyzing effect on those seeking guidance to change their lifestyle. This is coupled with evolving standards of beauty and health that can make it hard to tell what to strive for. What remains are near endless choices of how to reach a goal that is vague at best.

Making It Happen

Despite all the challenges of initiating a lifestyle change one factor remains true above all else. That is consistency. My path to a healthy life was shaped more like a winding mountain road than a straight line. Twists and turns of fad dieting are accompanied by gains and losses in weight and confidence. What I learned seems to be the constant for all seeking a healthy life, that good health comes from good habits.

Overcoming The Effects Of Growing Up Obese

Though I struggled with weight throughout childhood and adolescence I managed to get my health under control and have spent more time as an adult at a healthy weight than I did being overweight. Yet I have experienced struggles with self-esteem and body image for my entire adult life. This is not uncommon for those who spent formative years struggling with their weight and can effect the quality of their adult lives.

-National Center for Biotechnology Information Source

Like all other aspects of health and well-being the industry surrounding mental health has seen commodification, and with that a constant flow of information. Such as searching for a personalized method works best for lasting physical change, so is true for making effective and lasting mental change. Overcoming deep-seated internal struggles is not an instantaneous process, rather a long progressive journey that requires well instilled positive habits. Fortunately, with the constant flow of information, there’s wide access to different programs and guides to maintaining good mental health.

In Conclusion

My personal experience growing up obese is that which is shared by thousands of other people around the world. It’s highly possible to make the change needed to become a happy healthy adult, but it takes work. This is a process of instilling good habits while breaking bad ones, both physically and mentally. It requires persistence, and the tenacity to make lasting change. The change needed to transform from an obese child to a healthy adult comes from self-development, or simply put, growing up.



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